Jina Makuro is the final upcoming vocaloid created by Kiyastudios. This will be the last Powerloid ever created.


Jina Makuro is a nice half-tsundere girl. Her close freinds are Misaki Yuto and Haruka Jinsei. She likes writing and puts a lot of humor in them. Her favorite genre is Rock, and wishes to become a Haganeloid one day. Jina's name means "Macro character" and her character item is a black purse.


She is the only Powerloid with different appends. Only 1 is created for her.

Deep Append- A voice with a low octave. It's weakness is covers with low octaves because it will make her voice sound really really deep.

Other InfoEdit

Headphones: Jina doesn't wear headphones. She does wear a headband.

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Bloody Red

Type: Powerloid

Model number: 2-X42

Race: American, Japanese

Nicknames: Makuro Jina, Jessie

Other counterparts: Jina Kyokione is the Heavy Metal counterpart of Jina Makuro. Her name means "Character of insanity sounds"

Her outfit will be created after Haruka Jinsei.

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