Akikaze Aki and Hikaru (あきとひかる秋風,Aki to Hikaru Akikaze) is a Vocalaysia (Or Vocaloid Malaysia) made by DeyQon.



They both wears a white,plain shirt with a short sleeves. Aki wears a orange short hair and skirt. Hikaru wears a Orange,short hir and pants. They has white,short socks,brown shoes,and purple eyes.



Aki: She is nice,honest,and smooth spoken girl. She is described as a mixing of Deredere and a Dandere.

Hikaru: Like his sister,he is nice,honest,and smooth spoken boy at first, But he will be a psyco killer if he sees his sister with another boy she likes more than him,he will thinks that Aki was hating him.


Other Info

Headphones: (No Headphones)

Hair color: Orange.

Eye color: Purple.

Type: Vocalaysia (Vocalaid Malaysia)

Model number: M-01

Race: Malaysian

Nicknames: Aki-chan,Hikaru-Kun,Hikaru-San,Aki-Chi.

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